Australia, Boxing: Shannan Davey Paris Journey and Family Life

Australian Olympian Shannan Davey, 24, competes for her country in the Olympics. Shannan, a two-time national champion, will compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics. He’ll be an established contender for the gold medal in the upcoming Olympics because he was determined to win.

Shannan Davey punches his ticket to the 2024 Paris games

Shannan Davey secured his place at the 2024 Paris Olympics by winning the gold medal bout against Wendell Stanley from New Zealand on Saturday afternoon. This victory guaranteed Davey a spot at the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

The 24-year-old athlete, currently based in Brisbane, was among 13 Australian national team boxers who traveled to the Solomon Islands for the event. All 13 boxers progressed to the finals, with 12 of them successfully qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games.

“My goal is to get the Olympic gold medal, It’s always been on my mind. It’s a dream come true.”

Shannan said.

A Supportive Family Pushing Shannan

Shannan was born in the year 2000 in Narrabi, Australia. He finished his school education at Narrabi High School.

As a child, one day, his brother promised him a slice of pizza if he could beat him in boxing. After This incident, Shannan discovers his passion for boxing.

Shannan Davey Family
Image: Shannan Davey Family Photo (Source: Shannan’s Instagram)

Shannan’s brother Brenan Davey has always been a caring and supportive sibling. Shannan says that without his brother’s support, he does not know where he would be today.

After flying back to Brisbane International Airport on Monday, Shannan’s biggest supporters, his mother Leeanne Davey and father Paul Davey, were there to congratulate him. They told the local newspaper The Courier that they were very proud of their son.

Shannan has also earned a scholarship from the Queensland Academy of Sport, where he spends time working on building strength and improving his fitness.

Shannan Davey’s Initial Career in Boxing

Around 10 years ago, a deal involving too many pizza slices with his older brother introduced Shannan Davey from Bundaberg to boxing. When Shannan was 13 years old and living with his family in the town of Narrabri in northern NSW, he made this agreement with his brother.

A few years later, Shannan realized his potential in boxing and decided to move to a place with a dedicated boxing academy. With limited opportunities to further his boxing career in Narrabri, Shannan relocated to Bundaberg to train under the renowned boxing coach Attila Kovacs.

Since then, the amazing coach Attila has been guiding Shannan, helping him achieve more and more success.

Shannan with his coach

Shannan’s first boxing club was The Boxing Shop in Bundaberg, Australia.

While working as a local support worker, Shannan finds time to dedicate many hours to the sport he is passionate about, training up to three times each day.

Shannan Davey Winnings

Shannan Davey wins gold at the Pacific Games. In 2020, he moved to the city of Bundaberg in Queensland to advance his promising career before relocating to Brisbane earlier this year. The Australian boxers who became gold medal winners and Pacific Games champions were:

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  • Yusuf Chothia (Men’s 51kg Flyweight category)
  • Monique Suraci (Women’s 50kg Light Flyweight category)
  • Tina Rahimi (Women’s 57kg Featherweight category)
  • Harry Garside (Men’s 63.5kg Light Welterweight category)
  • Teremoana Teremoana (Men’s 92+ kg Super Heavyweight category)
  • Shannan Davey (Men’s 71kg Light Middleweight category)

In 2020, Shannan Davey was crowned the Queensland state champion in the 69kg weight class.

Facing a major injury

He was forced to take a break after suffering a ruptured ACL (knee ligament injury) during training in 2021. However, he was able to return to action in just four months.

Since 2021, Davey’s major sponsor has been Lee Parish from Wee Waa. This provided financial support to help Davey overcome his knee injury and has continued to back him.

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After that setback, Davey has gone from strength to strength. In 2022, he became the elite Australian champion in the 71kg weight class. He was then named to the national men’s team to represent Australia at the 2023 IBA Men’s World Boxing Championships in Uzbekistan. Additionally, Davey won his second national championship, which qualified him for the Pacific Games.

Representing Australia International

Shannan has fought in many countries like New Zealand, Hungary, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, and Italy. He has also gone to training camps in places like Kazakhstan, Thailand, and Germany. This has been his journey leading up to the Solomon Islands and now Paris this year.

Shannan has won the Australian championship twice. He represented Australia at the 2023 World Championships in Uzbekistan before going to the Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Before that, Shannan had fought against Stanley from New Zealand in Auckland last June. It was Shannan’s first international fight, and he lost narrowly by a split decision.

He defeated Stanley, the New Zealander, in the gold medal bout at the Pacific Games. Shannan won by unanimous decision, earning his spot at the Paris games.

The Instagram post from Boxing Australia congratulates Shannan on his achievement. His record now stands at 37 wins and 13 losses. After all his commitment and hard work, Shannan is now preparing for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.