Meet Australian Olympian Boxer Teremoana Jnr and His Family

Australian boxer Teremoana Jnr (4-0-0) is a Pro Boxer who resides in Brisbane, Queensland. In the Australian Elite Championships final in 2023, he won victoriously over Elvino Maroulis to win the title of Australian super heavyweight champion.

Between 2020 and 2022, he won all four of his professional fights, allowing him to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Teremoana Jnr KO’s His Place in the Olympics

Teremoana Jnr secured his place at the Olympics in Paris. During the Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands, Teremona defeated Samoan boxer Elijah Mercury-Leafa in the second round of the final match for the over 92 kg weight class. By winning this fight, Teremoana Jnr qualified for the Paris Olympics.

A record-breaking 12 Australian boxers have been chosen to compete at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. This number surpasses the previous team of 11 Australian boxers that participated in the London 2012 Olympics.

All 12 Australian boxers who were selected earned their spots for the Paris 2024 Olympics through their performances at the Oceania qualifying events during the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara. The full team put forward by Boxing Australia was officially approved by the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) on Friday.

“This isn’t the end goal, this is a checkpoint on it. I’m going for Olympic gold now.”

Teremona said

Termoana’s Personal Life

Teremoana was born on February 17, 1998, in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia. He was born and raised in Australia as the third of six children to parents Alicia Teremoana (Australian last name Spendiff) and Junior Teinakore Teremoana Tangauru (from the islands of Pukapuka and Atiu).

Teremoana Jnr Family
Image: Teremoana Jr. with his parents, siblings, and grandparents in Rarotonga (Source: MELINA ETCHES)

His siblings are named Temii, Puapii, Teremoana, Grace, Tongalewu, and Teokotai. Teremoana was previously the Heavyweight Champion boxer for the Cook Islands. His name comes from his late grandfather Papa Teremoana Tangauru, who was from the island of Pukapuka.

His grandmother’s name is Mii (her family name was Katuke) and she is from the island of Atiu. So Teremoana has family heritage connecting him to the islands of Pukapuka through his grandfather, and Atiu through his grandmother.

Starting his career for his Grandfather

Teremoana grew up in Brisbane, Australia, but has family roots in the Cook Islands. When he was 12 years old, his father introduced him to boxing so he could protect his older sisters. Teremoana joined the Inala PCYC club in Brisbane as a junior boxer.

Teremoana Jnr with his coaches from Inala

In 2018, when his beloved grandfather passed away, this sad event pushed Teremoana, then almost 21 years old, to get more serious about boxing as a career path. Though he had been boxing for 10 years already, his grandfather’s death made him re-evaluate his commitment to the sport.

After that, Teremoana joined a senior boxing club and increased his training. He now fights out of Brisbane, representing Australia in professional boxing matches. Photos show Teremoana with his coaches from the Inala club where he started, and also with members of his current senior boxing club.

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Teremoana currently trains and competes out of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He has begun representing Australia in professional boxing matches.

Teremoana Jnr Representing Australia through his Boxing

Teremoana’s boxing achievements showcasing his passion for the sport started in 2017 when he was crowned the Super Heavyweight Champion of the Cook Islands. After deciding to boxing more seriously at age 21, his success grew.

The 198cm tall, 122kg Teremoana had four professional fights between 2020-2022 and won them all, giving him a 4-0 pro record. In 2022, through talent and determination, he won the gold medal at the Australian Boxing Championships in the Super Heavyweight (over 92kg) division.

In 2023, he defeated Elvino Maroulis to become the Australian super heavyweight champion. At the Bocsvai Tournament in Hungary, he won his first bout by knockout but lost to the Ukrainian European Games gold medalist in the second fight.

He currently has a Pro Boxing Streak of 4-0

His Australian title victory qualified him for the 2023 Pacific Games where he secured his 2024 Paris Olympics spot by beating Samoan Elijah Mercury-Leafa. Currently holding a 4-0 professional record, Teremoana is intensely training with his sights on winning Olympic gold when the Paris Games begin on July 26, 2024.