Everything on Oscar Baudrand, Paris Olympics 2024 Team Canada Sport Climbing

Oscar Baudrand, who stands at 170 cm is an 18-year-old Canadian Sports Climber and an Olympic athlete, who started his career at an early age. Now Oscar is competing in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024.

Oscar Baudrand qualifies for the Paris Olympics 2024

Oscar Baudrand qualified for the 2024 Paris Olympics through the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). He earned a spot on Canada’s 2024 Olympic Team. He is part of the National Team for both Boulder and Lead climbing events. His goal is to represent Canada in IFSC World Cup competitions and Olympic competitions.

Baudrand has set the Canadian men’s speed climbing record twice. His fastest time was 5.59 seconds at the 2023 Salt Lake City World Cup event. He had a major achievement by finishing 4th at the Pan American Games Olympic Qualifier in Santiago, Chile.

Baudrand’s excellent performance at the 2023 IFSC World Championships helped him qualify for the Olympics. He finished 46th in the combined boulder and lead category. He was 53rd in the boulder category and 37th in the lead category.

Oscar Baudrand’s Early Life with His Parents

Oscar Baudrand was born on April 22, 2005, in Quebec City, Canada. His hobbies are photography, mountain biking, and skiing. He wants to have a job as a pilot when he grows up.

Baudrand’s mom had a job in the mining industry. Because of this job, the family moved to different places like Burkina Faso and Thailand. Baudrand’s dad also worked in mining. The family finally settled down in Salt Lake City, Utah where Baudrand lived permanently. However, when he was 1 year old, they first moved to Burkina Faso and later to Thailand which was a popular place for rock climbing.

Baudrand’s parents enjoyed recreational rock climbing. They introduced Baudrand and his brother Victor to this sport at a young age. From the beginning, the brothers got to experience outdoor rock climbing. Some of Baudrand’s earliest memories are driving to Crazy Horse every other weekend. There he started competing in climbing and working with coaches at Momentum Climbing Gym.

Oscar Baudrand Childhood
Image: Oscar Baudrand Climbing as a child (Source: Oscar’s Instagram)

Palmer Larsen and the Momentum Team have coached Baudrand for nine years. This helped a lot in making him an elite climber. Even though the pandemic made things difficult, Baudrand took a seven-month break from climbing. During this time, he spent time with his dad doing other activities, which was good for him.

Sean McColl, a former four-time world champion in combined sport climbing, is Baudrand’s mentor. Baudrand admires McColl’s experience and learns from him. Right now, Baudrand is working on getting a PhD in mechanical engineering at Harvard University. This shows he is dedicated to both academics and climbing.

Oscar Baudrand’s Career

In 2019, Oscar Baudrand finished 4th at the IFSC Youth World Championships in Arco, Italy. He also got 5th place at the same IFSC Youth World Championships in Arco that year.

In 2021, Baudrand took part in seven different competitions:

At the IFSC Climbing World Cup in bouldering in Salt Lake City, USA, he finished 44th.

At the IFSC Climbing World Cup in bouldering and speed in Salt Lake City, USA, he was 40th.

He was 31st At the IFSC Climbing World Cup in bouldering and lead in Innsbruck, Austria.

He also competed at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in bouldering and led in Innsbruck, where he finished 90th.

At the IFSC Climbing World Cup in lead and speed in Villars, Switzerland, he got 53rd place.

At the IFSC Climbing World Cup in lead climbing in Chamonix, France, he secured 23rd position.

Lastly, at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in lead climbing in Briançon, France, he finished 34th.

Oscar Baudrand Recent Years and Olympics

In 2022, He participated in a total of 15 events across the IFSC World Cup season. Some of his standout performances included:

  • 39th place finish at the IFSC Lead and Speed World Cup in Edinburgh, Great Britain
  • 26th place at the IFSC Boulder and Lead World Cup in Morioka, Japan
  • 31st place at the IFSC Boulder and Speed World Cup in Salt Lake City, USA

Other results saw him place 37th in Boulder and Lead in Innsbruck, Austria, and 22nd in the Lead event in Briançon, France. At the IFSC Youth World Championships in the all-around format in Dallas, USA, he secured an impressive 11th-place finish. Rounding out the year, he was 24th in Lead in Koper, Slovenia, and 15th in Lead and Speed in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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2023 marked Baudrand’s debut at the senior IFSC World Championships. He also proudly represented Team Canada alongside his older brother Victor at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago.

On May 22nd, he placed 23rd at the IFSC World Cup in Salt Lake City. June 18th saw him finish 35th at the IFSC Innsbruck World Cup. His standout result was a fantastic 5th-place performance at the Pan American Games in Santiago on October 26th.