Meet Australian Sports Climber, Maya Stasiuk, who Qualified for the Paris Olympics

Maya Stasiuk, 16, is an Australian climber. She is the youngest Australian Open Sport Climbing Champion and the winner of the Australian Open Female National Championships.

She also qualified for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris by placing second at the IFSC Oceania Qualifier.

Maya Stasiuk qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024

Maya Stasiuk qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics at the IFSC Oceania Qualifier 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. At this competition, Australian climber Oceana Mackenzie performed well in the Boulder and Lead events, securing a spot for the Paris 2024 Olympic sport climbing event.

Maya had an outstanding performance, finishing in second place. In the semifinal round, she scored 138.6 points, and in the final round, she scored 155.7 points. With these scores, Maya defeated another Australian climber, Emily Scott, who came in third place with 94.0 points in the semifinal and 129.1 points in the final.

However, Maya was beaten by Oceana Mackenzie, a former Australian climber who won the overall event. Oceana scored 184.8 points in the semifinal and 199.9 points in the final, taking the top spot.

Maya Stasiuk was one of the competitors at this qualifying event. Her second-place finish is a significant achievement, as it allows her to advance and compete in the sport climbing event at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Personal life of Maya Stasiuk

Maya Stasiuk was born on November 10, 2007, in Melbourne, Australia.

Aside from climbing, Maya enjoys living in a home with many animals, including a dog, a cat, a fish, and a bearded dragon. Her favorite foods are pork dumplings and fried rice. In her free time, Maya also likes drawing, listening to music, and video editing.

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Maya’s love for climbing grew when she began at the lead gym and later started competing at age seven. She is a sports climber who started indoor climbing when she was four years old. Her parents thought her earlier free solo climbing activities were too dangerous.

Maya Stasiuk’s Career Till Now

In November 2022, Maya became the youngest Australian Open Sport Climbing Champion. She won the Australian Open Female National Championships in the boulder and combined (lead/boulder) events. Because of this victory, she was chosen to compete for Australia in the international IFSC World Cups in 2023 – against the best climbers in the world.

On September 1, 2022, Maya secured 23rd position at the IFSC – Climbing Youth World Championships (Boulder, Speed, Lead) held in Dallas, USA. She competed in the Boulder Youth B Female category. At the same competition, she also secured 22nd position in the Lead Youth B Female category.

On June 11, 2023, Maya secured the 21st position at the IFSC World Cup held in Brixen, Italy. She competed in the Boulder Women category. She also participated in the IFSC Youth World Championships held in Seoul, South Korea on August 27. In the Boulder Youth A Female category, she secured the 23rd position. At the same competition in the Lead Youth A Female category, she also secured the 23rd position.

On November 26, 2023, Maya participated in the IFSC Oceania Qualifier. She secured 2nd position in the event held in Melbourne, Australia. She competed in the Boulder & Lead Women category.

“Sport Climbing Australia congratulates Maya for her selection to the 2023 Sport Australia Hall of Fame Scholarship & Mentoring Program. Maya’s exceptional performance in the 2022 Open Boulder National Championships, securing first position, reflects her outstanding talent and dedication. Her commendable participation in IFSC World Cups and recent Youth World Championships, achieving 23rd and 26th positions in Lead and Bouldering respectively, highlights her potential at just 15 years old. With her remarkable achievements and dedication to her sport, we are confident that Maya will achieve great things in the climbing world.”